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Granite Split Stone Tile Installation

Thank you for choosing our upscale, eco-friendly, recycled granite split stone tiles. You are diverting hundreds of pounds of materials from a local landfill, so as you enjoy your project, you can also know you are helping the environment.

Please be sure to send us photos of your project when finished.  We are proud of our product and enjoy seeing the end results. You can text them to the phone number below or send them to our email at With your permission, we’ll post them on our web site, Facebook page, Houzz, etc. and brag a bit for you!

If you have any questions please call DJ at ReGranite at 719-964-9085.

What you should know before starting. Each box contains different size and colors of stones that are used to create the blend that you selected. Before you install the stone, open all of the boxes and pull from each box and box level to ensure that you have a good mix of stones throughout your project. An easier option is to lay out a tarp or drop cloth and empty all of the boxes into piles of different colors. Be sure to take tiles from each color in the ratio that we provide to you. Of course, let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Recommended tools:

3/8” trowel
small level

tape measure
split stone tiles
wet tile saw
Sealer is optional


Granite Split Stone tiles can be applied to drywall, wood, cement board, directly over brick or concrete or on any clean, dry, dust free surface. 

Determine the visual effect you wish to achieve. If you’re using a variety of colors, it’s best to layout your design prior to installation.  Reminder – be sure to open all boxes and use stone from all boxes throughout the installation.

Prepare thinset that you can purchase from your local home improvement store. We recommend thinset, not mastic. Any brand is fine as long as it is intended for natural stone. If you’ll be using the stones for an exterior application or within a shower, make sure you purchase the correct version. Mix the thinset per the instructions on the bag or container. You can use either pre-mixed or dry.

Trowel the thinset on your wall in a small area. Simply dry stack the stones on top of one another and make sure they are level. Since stone is a natural product, you might run into a smaller size. If so, shim the stone with either a spacer or toothpick to make sure it is kept level. It’s important to stagger the seams as you would a hardwood floor.  (We recommend at least 1 inch offset. This helps with the leveling as well.) If you get to a light switch or electrical outlet simply cut the stone to size with your wet-saw. You can purchase electrical outlet screw extensions at your local home improvement store.

Once your installation is finished, vacuum the stone to clear away any dust that may be left on the stones. There is no need to grout your Split Stone tiles. Follow thinset directions to determine when the adhesive will be dry. Keep shims or toothpicks in place until the stone adhesive is set.

If your installation is going to be near a stove/range we recommend that you seal the stone to prevent build up of cooking grease. (See Optional Sealer ideas below.)

Clean up is simple. Use any household soap and water or cleanser made for natural stone.   If you need to scrub, use a scrub brush with plastic or nylon bristles.

Optional Sealer ideas:

There are multiple types of sealers and enhancers on the market. Sealing your stone is not required, but will protect your project. Ask your local home improvement professional for recommendations. Most sealers will not affect the color of your tile, but it is best to perform a color test before applying. There are enhancers that can create a wet look as well.



For some Kitchen and Bath projects, you may want to use Silicone caulk to minimize water behind the wall.   Be sure to use 100% Silicone and ALWAYS test it on your stone a few days prior to installation as some products cause the stone to turn yellow.


Thank you for your purchase of our Upscale, Eco-Friendly Stone Tile.   We appreciate your business and again would love to see photos of your completed (cleaned up ) project.


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