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Our all natural stone products look great when paired with other materials including concrete, engineered stone, wood, glass, stainless steel, bronze, and other natural stones. Browse through our “Product Gallery” and you’ll find that ReGranite tiles are surprisingly versatile and always beautiful.

You are correct. We do love our product and are pretty sure you will too!

What Does ReGranite Mean?

Is It Hard To Clean The Split Stone Tiles?

I Have A Remnant Leftover From My Counter Top Installation. Can I Bring It To ReGranite To Split?

How Do You Recycle Granite?

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Are ReGranite Products LEED Qualifying?

We work with local granite fabricators, our “Green Partners," to collect their remnants (granite or marble leftover from the counter top fabrication process). When granite fabricators install counter tops they cut our sink holes and cut the slab to fit the kitchen or other room. This process often results in 20% to 50% of the granite slab being discarded. By picking up this remnant granite from the fabricators on a regular basis, we divert tons of granite and marble from Colorado Springs area landfills. Using special machinery, we resize the scraps and split them to create beautiful Split Face Stone tiles or Pavers. The process is laborious and a bit messy, but worth the outcome. Creating just 30 sq. ft. of ReGranite products prevents over 200 lbs. of waste from entering our landfills.

Yes. The granite and marble split face tiles and pavers are solid stone AND the only all natural stone product on the market that is 100% recycled!

Our split stone tiles are very easy to work with and very forgiving. We have instructions to help both the DIYers and the Tile Installers. Pavers are a bit more work, but we have instructions for them too. Locate both on the “Installation” page.

Are ReGranite Products Made Of Solid Stone?

Are The Split Face Stone Tiles Dificult To Install?

ReGranite is a reference to Reduced granite waste, Reused granite counter tops and Recycled granite remnants. We are very proud of the over 40 tons of granite waste that ReGranite has already diverted from our local landfills and we are even more proud of how beautiful our granite products are! Check out our “Product Gallery” and we think you’ll agree.

Our split stone tiles are natural stone products and can be porous. If the tile is installed in a location where splatters are likely to occur, we recommend applying a Sealer to minimize staining. In general, we recommend using a gentle, nylon scrub brush and mild soap for everyday cleaning.

I Don't Have Granite Counter Tops. Will ReGranite Tiles Work With Other Counter Tops?

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ReGranite tiles are locally manufactured from 100% post-consumer waste, so they may earn credit points in the LEED rating system. Contact your local LEED Accredited Professional for specific points and rating methods.

Absolutely! We would love to help you make use of the entire granite slab you purchased. The tiles could be used alone or you could mix them with some of our tiles for your own custom blend.

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